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(ASR // Downstream Systems)

Partnering with automobile shredder owners and operators from coast to coast, ART is able to recover nonferrous metals that traditional downstream recovery technology simply cannot. 


To date, ART leadership has marketed $1B+ in post consumer recyclables (…and counting). Leveraging decades of experience and distinct perspectives, we know the intrinsic value of ASR - namely, how to test for and capture valuable materials such as precious metals. 


We believe in our solutions and will provide the capital and expert operations for enhanced metal recovery systems. Doubling down on mutual gain, our returns come from simple profit sharing models associated with the incremental metal units our technologies recover.   


Taking steps beyond the typical equipment supplier or system integrator, ART focuses on developing long standing strategic partnerships driven by the ultimate goals of shared knowledge and shared success. 


Are you ready to set yourself apart from the competition? Learn more about diversifying your revenue streams by becoming a strategic partner today. 

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